Hawthorne Venice Turpentine



Equine Venice Turpentine to Harden & Toughen Soles – 16oz

In the equine world, Venice or Venetian Turpentine is used to toughen or harden hooves. It can be used as a counter-irritant to promote circulation and new hoof growth. We do caution not to get the hoof or frog too hard as that can cause bruises and abscesses and can retard hoof growth. It can also be used as an effective disinfectant and antibacterial agent. Farriers have used it for split hooves and quarter cracks.


Venice is painted on the sole of the hoof, and a piece of brown paper is applied to keep it in place and to prevent debris from sticking to the hoof. It’s also used to mix home remedies and hoof packing. Venice Turpentine is used as a drawing ointment for stone bruises and infections in the frog of the hoof or for infections caused by nail pricks.

Note: Although Venice Turpentine can be used as an ingredient for homemade hoof packing, and an ointment for misplaced nails, Hawthorne Products offers both Sole Pack Hoof Packing and Hot Nail for the most convenient and effective way to treat these issues.

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