HERO Outer Armor Large Fetch Ring for Medium-Large Dogs, Floats & Squeaks (Large Blue)


HERO Outer Armor toys are made using a special proprietary, multi-layered manufacturing process that brings together different materials to create a new standard in durable play. The process blends two layers of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) with a layer of durable mesh. When it comes to durability, three layers are better than one! The result is an extremely durable fetch, toss, and squeak toy with a unique look and feel that dogs and their owners love. They float and squeak as well!

  • HERO OUTER ARMOR: Made using a multi-layered manufacturing process that blends two layers of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) with a layer of durable mesh, Outer Armor toys create a new standard of durable play.
  • FLYING RING: The Outer Armor Ring has an aerodynamic design that is designed to fly high and fly far, giving your dog some additional exercise. Comes in eye-catching colors for easy visibility.
  • EASY TO CATCH SHAPE: Designed to be easy to catch by medium to large-sized dogs, with a textured material that is easy for your dog to dig their teeth into and grab on to.
  • VERSATILE: Perfect for play by the water, Hero Outer Armor toys float to make a great, buoyant fetch dog and puppy toy for medium and large dogs; They also squeak, which keeps your dog mentally active and engaged.
  • SAFETY GUARANTEE: Materials and processes used to make this product is guaranteed non-toxic and tested by an independent lab.
  • Ideal for medium to large-sized dogs from 45-65 lbs. Product dimensions: 8" l x 8" w x 1.5" h. Available in two colors, purple and blue.

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