Henkel Corp GE Tub & Tile Silicone 1® Sealant

Henkel Corp GE

  • 100% silicone
  • 100% waterproof 
  • 7-year mold-free product protection
  • Meets ASTM C-920, Class 25
  • Permanently flexible
  • Strong adhesion & durability
  • Same-day water-ready
  • Shrink & crack-proof 
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Non-paintable


Tub & Tile Silicone 1 sealant is a 100% silicone and 100% waterproof sealant ideal for areas susceptible to moisture like sinks, tubs, showers, fixtures, countertops, backsplashes and plumbing projects. Tub & Tile Silicone 1 sealant is flexible with strong adhesion and resistant to stain-causing mold and mildew growth with 7-year mold-free product protection. Backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Adheres to: most metals, plastics & woods, glass, drywall, plaster, granite, cultured marble, ceramic & porcelain tile, natural stone, cement board, composites, Formica, fiberglass, aluminum & painted surfaces


  1. Remove dirt, grease, moisture, soap residue & old sealant from area to be sealed. Use backer rod for gaps larger than 1/2″ x 1/2″.
  2. Cut nozzle to obtain desired bead size.
  4. Using caulk gun, apply sealant into gap. Smooth with a gloved finger or “tool” the caulk into gap.
  5. Wipe hands & tools thoroughly before washing.
  6. Allow 12 hours before exposing sealant to water.
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Meets ASTM C-920, Type-S, NS, Class 25 use NT, M, G, A & O test requirements
Fed Spec TT-S-00230C; TT-S-001543A

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