Coastal Pet Products No! Slip Martingale Adjustable Dog Collar

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The No! Slip® Martingale Adjustable Dog Collar eliminates slipping without becoming too tight and is available in sizes to fit dogs of all sizes. Read complete description


Ensure a reliable, secure fit for your dog with the No! Slip® Martingale Adjustable Dog Collar. This collar's responsive limited closure design eliminates frustrating slipping by adjusting perfectly to your dog's neck. This dog collar is excellent for dogs that easily slip through regular collars. For dogs whose neck and head are close in size — like greyhounds — this is a common and frustrating problem. Explore our range of styles and sizes to stop the slipping and find the perfect fitting collar for your dog!


  • Prevents frustrating slipping with unique limited closure design.

  • Perfect for dogs who regularly slip through collars.

  • Secure, comfortable fit and feel.

  • Unique design prevents collar from becoming too tight.

  • Durable design provides long-lasting solution.



Martingale. Adjustable.


Limited-closure nylon collar.

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