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Southern States has a horse feed that will provide maximum benefits to every type or age of horse. And every Southern States feed incorporates the latest nutritional guidelines, the strictest quality control and the most nutritious and palatable ingredients. They are also value-priced, especially when you consider how much the health and performance of your horses is worth to you. To help your horses achieve their fullest potential, give them quality feeds from Southern States. At Southern States, we go to tremendous lengths to offer the highest quality feeds available. But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. All our Southern States horse feeds are backed by an unconditional guarantee: We will replace any Southern States horse feed you are not satisfied with, at any time, for any reason.


Whether your horse is a picky eater or inhales any food in sight, you’ll find a feed that meets his needs and satisfies his tastebuds. We have six specialty feed lines that encompass a wide variety of protein levels, fat content and nutritional makeup. And all of our feeds meet or exceed all nutritional requirements so you’ll know your horse is getting superior care.

We are a partner in the Cooperative Research Farms organization, the largest group of privately owned research farms in the world. This partnership enables us to research the latest nutritional, mineral and vitamin theories, follow through on university research and conduct feed trials. As a result, our specialty feeds incorporate the most advanced nutritional ideas.


But no matter how scientific the formula, a feed is only as good as its ingredients. That’s why we test the nutritional content of all ingredients and ensure that they are free from contaminants. It’s one reason our feed consistently ranks high in quality standards. Another reason is our quality control. Each step of feed manufacturing is recorded. Finished feeds are analyzed to assure that the quality is consistent with our goals, and a sample of each feed is saved for future reference. The result is a superior feed in both formulation and manufacture that incorporates important elements not found in many other feeds.

Unconditional guarantee:

At Southern States, we go to tremendous lengths to offer the highest quality feeds available. But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. All our Southern States horse feeds are backed by an unconditional guarantee: We will replace any Southern States horse feed you are not satisfied with, at any time, for any reason.

Southern States Horse Feed Reference Manual (PDF)

Customer Testimonials

Customer Name: Mary Bess Sigman, Triple Creek Farm
Location: Mandfield, GA
Local Southern States: Patrick’s Feed and Seed
Purchased Feeds: Triple Crown Complete and Triple Crown Low Stach

I trust Triple Crown as a high-quality, research-based feed that maintains my horse’ readiness at a higher level of competition. It is so efficient that you can actgually feed less of it, which helps reduce costs. Three-day event horses require the energy and stamina that Triple Crown provides. It maintains a "cool" energy instead of a "hot" energy. Since I began to use this feed, I have definitely seen a considerably improvement on my horse’s performance! We are fortunate to provide our feed from a family-owned business that has provided outstanding service to us over the years. Our feed rep, Shelley Smith, provides me with the most up to date knowledge about the various feeds that Southern States offers.

Name: Nancy Stanton
Location: Laurinburg, NC

I have been a loyal customer of Southern States horse feed for 8 years. We have [competitor] store here in town but not Southern States. I drive from Laurinburg to Aberdeen or have my feed delivered on occasion from Lumberton Southern States store. I have seen in 4 different cases where TC Senior outperformed [competitor’s product]. Recently, I joined the United States Equine Rescue League and one month ago, I took in an emaciated 25 yr. old mare with EPM. I started her on Triple Crown Senior 3x/day and she is already improving in hair coat and body weight.

Customer Name: Art and Diane Burd, Goose Bottom Pond Farm
Location: Lexington, VA
Local Southern States: Rockbridge Farmer's Co-op
Purchased Feeds: Legends Performance Pelleted and Triple Crown Lite

We buy the Legends Performance Pelleted because it is high in fiber and fat, but low in starch. This combination is perfect for keeping the weight on my two OTTB's and QH, even when pasture is weak or hay is not particularly nutritious. The Triple Crown Lite helps us to prevent my easy-keeper Arab from becoming overweight. These feeds provide our horses with essential nutrients while allowing us to maintain their proper weights. Caorlyn Williams (SSC Equine Feed Rep)introduced us to these feeds when they first became available. The Co-Op always seems to have a good supply in stock and are helpful and easy to deal with.

Customer: Karen Mohnach, Gloucester, VA.
Local Southern States: Gloucester Southern States.
Purchased Feeds: Triple Crown Senior.

"My family and I started a barn in Gloucester 3 years ago in hopes to help with the cost of owning the horse we purchased shortly prior. If it wasn’t for the advise, help and patience of our local Southern States Rep. Suzanne Lyons Carson, we would have been totally lost with this horse and this venture and given up long ago. We inherited a spoiled rotten 6 year old, green broke Saddlebred with hoof and weight management problems (not to mention attitude problems). His attitude has improved greatly and he is almost a normal horse. Hoof problems are ongoing but we have learned how to deal with it. His weight management is under control. What seams to be working the best, after trying many different combinations, is a weight supplement with Triple Crown Senior. This winter he is looking the best he has ever looked."

Customer: Karis Swink Barry, Lighthorse Farm
Location: Linville, VA
Local Southern States: Rockingham Co-op, Timberville, VA

"When I had a horse diagnosed with ulcers, my vet recommended I put him on Triple Crown Complete because of itshigh fat and fiber. This feed has done a great job of providing my horse with excellent nutrition, while keeping his ulcer issues under control."

Customer: Dr. James Meyer, Meyercrest Arabians, Raleigh, NC
Local Southern States: Creedmor SSC
Purchases: Reliance Hi Fat

"The quality of Reliance Fat fat with the 6% fat serves our purpose for younger and older horses so that I don't have to buy a bunch of different feeds. Reliance Hi Fat keeps the horses in great shape! One of the main reasons I use Southern States Feeds is the excellent service at the Creedmor store. Wayne Goss (manager) is very accomodating and a pleasure to work with."

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