Purina Feed

Our Heritage

For over one hundred years, Purina Mills has been the leader in the area of animal science and nutrition. Our strong sense of responsibility to animals and their owners is reflected in the unconditional quality of our feeds, backed by years of extensive research in the area of animal nutrition. At the LongView Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Missouri, nutritionists, veterinarians, and managers observe firsthand the interrelationship of good feed practices, good health, proper growth and development, and optimum performance. Our commitment to research helps keep Purina on the leading edge of nutritional science.

Animal feed is the leading agri-business sector in American agriculture today. Purina Mills is clearly the U. S. leader in animal nutrition products, research and innovation, and is the largest feed manufacturer in the country.


Purina Mills products are identified by the Checkerboard logo and the Chow brand of feed. About 2,500 Purina Mills employees and over 4,000 Purina dealers are working together toward one common goal: "Creating Customer Satisfaction." This is a difficult task to achieve, but every Purina person tackles that challenge each day with pride. The Purina Mills family consists of people from all walks of life and all parts of the country. A true American spirit permeates the company, which has built itself on our country’s rich heritage.

Leading Animal Nutrition Innovations for Over 100 Years

At Land O’Lakes Purina Feed, we’re committed to quality nutrition for animals — from specialized innovation for improving today’s production agriculture, to extending the quality of life of companion animals worldwide. In fact, over 26 species are fed by our strong brands, backed by more than 100 years of combined research and innovation.

Leading the Way for Our Customers Everyday

Land O’Lakes Purina Feed is committed to creating value for our customers. Our dedicated team works to create winning nutrition and marketplace solutions everyday. We develop, manufacture and market quality feeds that bring out the best in animals while exceeding the needs of our customers.


LongView™ Animal Nutrition Center

LongView™ Animal Nutrition Center, located on 1,188 acres in Gray Summit, Mo., is the premier animal nutrition Research and Development facility in North America. Our commitment to introducing breakthrough animal nutrition products and services to meet the needs of producers and pet owners has resulted in more than 100 patents worldwide, and multiple new products, programs and line extensions every year. No other national brand of feed has invested more time in research and understanding the needs of our customers and animals.

Innovations Delivered

Land O’Lakes Purina Feed has introduced many industry firsts, such as:

  • First to introduce animal milk replacer technology
  • First to discover, patent, and market a unique carbohydrate technology that improves performance of transition and lactating cows
  • First to market preconditioning/receiving product for stressed cattle
  • First to develop and market a gel pre-starter for baby pigs
  • First to develop specific “life stage” horse feeds
  • First to develop an extruded high fat energy nugget for horses
  • First to lead the industry in pelleted feeds
  • First to formulate feeds based on biologically available amino acids
  • First to market weather-resistant technology for deer feed
  • First to develop complete pelleted rabbit feed
  • First to develop processed molasses and molasses blocks
  • First to have an equine nutrition research facilitiy
  • First to have a nationwide independent feed dealer network
  • First to develop nutrition complete feeds (with hay/roughage included)
  • First to develop concentrates
  • First to develop patented by-pass proteins in deer feed
  • First to develop granulated feeds (crumbles)

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