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Outdoor Structures

Each of our structures are crafted with a unique personality, creating an aesthetically pleasing shed that is distinctly your own, sure to enhance any property. Most sizes and styles now available in either White Pine Board & Batten, Metal, and Duratemp Siding. We continually aim to build the best shed and garages in the world at an affordable price for small family farms or larger equine facilities. Our pledge to you, our customers, is to maintain a high level of customer service - always going out of our way to answer any question you may have. We want to be the leader in satisfied customers. Through tenacious attention to detail and organization, we also strive to create a workplace that maintains employee satisfaction and ensures a safe environment.

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Horse Barns
Chicken Coops
Dog Kennels
Gazebos and Pergolas

Board and Batten Sheds

The brochure can be downloaded using the following link:

Download Brochure

Options include: (click shed choice for details and examples)

B&B Shed and Horse Barn Options

Listed below are some the many options available for all our barns. Please note that depending on your barn type some of these may already be standard. All standard features are explained under the corresponding barn type web page.

Please download the price list above for a complete list of upgrades and standard features. These buildings are built to your exact specs, so if you do not see an option or upgrade that you want, please inquire about it as chances are we can get it done for you.

All custom inquiries welcome as these buildings can be customized in almost any way you wish.

Roofing Options:

Cupolas & Weathervanes:

Available Vents:

Sealer For Siding:

Extra Doors:

Extra Windows:

Partition Options:

Lean-To & Overhang Options:

Kick Boards:

Floor Upgrades:

  • Pressure Treated Joists & Sheathing
  • Floor Joists 12" On Center


Siding Options:

Feed & Supply Cabinets:

  • Small Curry & Supply Cabinet
  • Large Curry & Supply Cabinet
  • Two Saddle Tack & Saddle Cabinet
  • 2 Compartment Feed Chest
  • 3 Compartment Feed Chest

Insulation for Tack & Storage:

  • Insulate Walls & Ceiling w/ R13 and Cover w/1"x6" E&C Beaded Pine
  • Insulate Only Walls w/ R13

Loft Staircases:

Other Options:

Wood Sheds

Compare some of the standard features below to other sheds and you'll realize why these really are the ultimate in shed design...

Standard Features:

  • Pressure Treated Floor Joists
  • Pressure Treated 5/4"x6" Floor Boards
  • White Pine Board & Batten Siding
  • 30-Year Asphalt Shingles


  • 4' x 8' through 4' x 12'
  • 6' x 8' through 6' x 12'
  • Larger sizes available, but must be quoted. Will be built to your exact specs

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Horse Barns

Download Brochure

Horse Barn Options:

Run-In Sheds
Shed-Row Barns
Low Profile Barns
High Profile Barns
Monitor Barns
Color Options

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Chicken Coops

Do you want a safe new home for your chickens? Then check out our many different styles & sizes of chicken coops. We are a family owned business that provides quality handcrafted coops that are built by our skilled craftsmen and to fit everyone's budget. Feel free to customize any coop with our many options that are available. Families and children of all ages enjoy collecting fresh eggs everyday. We know your chickens will enjoy their new home in our quality built chicken coop. And you will enhance your backyard and be able to care for your chickens in style and comfort. Thanks for choosing our chicken coops. Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction in every chicken coop purchase


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Dog Kennels

We are family owned and operated. We strive for complete customer satisfaction in providing top of the line kennels and pet structures. We can custom design many more styles and sizes to suit any need.

Our kennels are built on pressure treated floor joists and the run area is built of composite flooring. Our interiors are fully insulated, lined with glassboard and fitted with aluminum dog entry doors for a cleaner environment. All our kennels come with one window and are guaranteed to keep your dog comfortable year round.

Download Brochure

Chain Link Kennels
Dog Kennel Options
Dog Kennel Colors
Dog Kennel Examples

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Gazebos and Pergolas

Custom Wood Gazebos

Wood gazebos are the traditional gazebo. Many love the feel, look, and over all ambiance wood gives. Wood is able to be stained, painted and refinished. Wood also has a warm feeling that gives its user an at home feel.

wood gazebo

princeton gazebo

Beautiful new Gazebo just installed at Princeton Montessori by Rosedale Mills!

Custom Vinyl Gazebos

Vinyl gazebos have a classic look with the conveyance of low maintenance. Vinyl gazebos are an up-to-date take on an old tradition. With the clean lines and welcoming brilliance, vinyl gazebos are a great alternative to wood.

wood gazebo

Keystone Gazebos


Our Keystone Gazebos are available in both wood and vinyl and maintain a similar look and feel as our custom gazebos. These economy gazebos are made with the same care as our custom gazebos with a few less features. If you are looking for a quality built gazebo at a lower price, our Keystone Gazebo is perfect for you. Click Here to Learn More



Extend your home with a new cabana for that perfect dream room. Create a place for yourself to relax, recharge, Dream and just get away from it all! Click Here to Learn More

Download Gazebo Brochure

Download Gazebo and Cabana Prices



Expand your living area with one of our back yard pavilions, and create the perfect destination for you and your family to retreat to and entertain friends. You will enjoy this perfect oasis in your own back yard. Click Here to Learn More

Download Pavilion Brochure

Download Pavilion Prices



Whether you want to train your vines or roses, create architectural interest in your garden or offer family and friends a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery our pergolas are the perfect choice! Click Here to Learn More

Download Pergola Brochure

Download Pergola Prices

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Our beautiful playhouses feature one child-size and one adult-size door for playtime with the whole family. Each model is made with you in mind and will stun even the pickiest of designers.

Download Brochure


Victorian Playhouse Examples
A-Frame with Porch Playhouse Examples
Dutch Clubhouse with Porch Playhouse Examples
Elite Playhouse Examples
Elite with Porch Playhouse Examples

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Swing Kingdom is the first manufacturer to produce playground equipment out of PVC and wood material, topped off with stainless steel corner brackets and hardware. We will always continue to strive for superior products that can be enjoyed for years to come, with very minimal maintenance!

Please CLICK HERE to visit their website for a complete list of play-sets, colors and accessories.

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