Bedding and Hay

You asked for it and we are happy to oblige. We now stock two flaked and two pelleted animal bedding, ready for pickup or delivered directly to you. No quantity too small or too large. We also stock baled timothy and alfalfa, plus packaged material from Dengie and Triple Crown.

Medium Flake Shavings

  • 3.25 Compressed Bale
  • Dust Free
  • Kiln Dried
  • Unbeatable Cushion
  • Consistent Show Quality Shavings
  • Pleasant Pine Aroma
  • Easy To Carry
  • Lab Tested Weekly
  • Safe For All Animals

Boreal Pelleted Bedding

Reduce your bedding costs with Boreal Wood Pellets a great alternative to shavings because of its power of absorption. Boreal Pellet is the outcome of the experience of the Messier family in the equine community. For generations, we have been improving our products for horses’ comfort.

  • Ready to use (no water required)
  • Easier faster clean up
  • More absorbent (up to 3 times its volume)
  • Decrease in odors
  • Easy to handle (30 lbs bags)
  • Reduce your manure disposal pile

Baled Products

We pride ourselves in stocking the freshest baled products in the region, constantly being replenished by either local farms, or direct from our farm right down the road.

Other than our regular 50lb baled timothy we supply most of our local farms, we also stock compressed bales of orchid grass and 140lb bales of Idaho Alfalfa.

Dengie Alfalfa

Fibre is vital for the healthy function of your horse or pony's gut and also satisfies their need to chew. It's what they were meant to eat. And, when it comes to essential highly digestible fibre, there's nothing better than Dengie alfalfa. Alfalfa is one of the most natural feeds you can give your horse or pony and provides the same amount of energy as cereal based feeds, but in a slow release form.

Feeding your horse or pony the right kind of feed doesn’t have to be hard work. From weanlings to veterans, whatever their work rate, just choose Dengie alfalfa. Our two ranges of alfalfa based fibre feeds have been formulated to deliver high quality products that you can rely on to provide your horse or pony with the nutrition needed to keep him fit and healthy.

All our packs carry the Dengie Fibre Promise - your assurance of quality and peace of mind.

  • Controlled Energy
  • Essential High Fibre
  • Healthier Coat, Skin and Hooves
  • Longer Chewing Time

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