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  • Manufacturer: Cargill

A high-fat, controlled starch, complete feed to meet the unique needs of senior horses. SafeChoice Senior gives your old friend what she needs to make every year golden. It’s specifically designed for horses over fifteen, especially those suffering from unexpected age-related weight loss, exhibiting sluggishness, experiencing issues with muscle or coat quality, or having difficulty chewing their hay.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Horses thrive on consistency, but there’s nothing consistent about competition: performance schedules are anything but predictable, new neighbors arrive in adjoining stalls, and arenas and environments are constantly changing. This inconsistency can take a toll - affecting health, attitude, and performance. In fact, even common activities including stall confinement, exercise, and transportation are known to cause stress in horses, which may challenge their immune systems and can lead to gastric discomfort. Purina® Ultium® Gastric Care horse formula helps equine athletes during the stress of competition by providing optimal gastric and immune support.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Purina® Outlast™ Gastric Support Supplement  is formulated to support gastric health and proper pH. It is estimated that up to 90 percent of active horses experience gastric discomfort, a­ffecting health, attitude and performance. Common activities including stall confinement, exercise, transportation, weaning and few environments such as events and shows are known to cause stress and gastric discomfort. Purina® Outlast™ Gastric Support Supplement was developed by our Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists to support a healthy gastric environment. View Guaranteed Analysis and more information on this product.

Magnesium chloride is most commonly used for dust control in riding arenas & driveways, and road stabilization. Its second-most common use is ice control.

  • Manufacturer: Purina
  • Model Number: 50 lb. bag

A high-fat, controlled starch nugget for weight gain, performance, shine and bloom. Formulated for horses that need extra calories from fat for weight gain, conditioning, competition, showing and sales preparation. Also appropriate for stallions and gestating and lactating mares. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Manufacturer: Nutrena

Starches and sugars are necessary for energy, but too much starch can also cause metabolic disturbances, including colic and laminitis. Controlled-starch feeds ensure that specific starch fractions are digested throughout the intestinal tract, providing energy without the risk of excess starch leakage in the hindgut. Our nutrient-rich SafeChoice® feeds utilize healthy levels of fat for the steady energy you want from your horse.

Horze,  Leather Largo Halter Available in Black and Brown,  All Sizes


Soft leather halter for everyday use.

Soft leather halter. Lining at nose and neck straps. Adjustable at both cheek and nose. Snap hook at cheek. Brass fittings.


Soft leather |Lining at nose and neck straps |Adjustable at both cheek and nose |Snap hook at cheek |Doubled stitched leather |Brass hardware

Technical description:

Leather, brass fittings. XF-Noseband adjustable from 26 to 29 in.

  • Manufacturer: Nutrena

Nutritionally balanced, controlled starch feed for hard keepers and performance horses. 

  • 10% fat provides a calm source of energy
  • Controlled starch to support healthy digestion and performance
  • Delivers exceptional nutrition at an exceptional value
  • Added lysine to support muscle development and maintenance
  • Guaranteed levels of biotin to support hair coat and hoof quality 

  • Manufacturer: Pennfield

Scientifically formulated to meet the needs of performance and maintenance horses.

  • Specific protein, fat and fiber levels are targeted to different performance levels
  • Contains chelated trace minerals and organic selenium for maximum absorption
  • Prebiotics and probiotics help enhance digestion
  • Guaranteed amino acid levels for muscle maintenance and development

  • Manufacturer: Nutrena

High fat, beet pulp based complete feed for the needs of active senior horses

Your horse has always given you its best. With ProForce Senior, you can do the same for your old friend. This proprietary formula is designed to meet the unique nutritional requirements of your senior athlete.

  • Manufacturer: Nutrena

Low, controlled starch formula for horses with metabolic concerns and easy keepers

SafeChoice Special Care is specially designed for horses that are prone to metabolic issues related to starch intake, and is formulated at just 11% starch. If you're looking to avoid corn in your horse's feed, SafeChoice Special Care is the perfect choice. It's also ideal for easy keepers, ponies, and miniature horses.

  • Manufacturer: Nutrena

A proven controlled starch formula for all life stages

Nutritionally balanced for growing and mature horses alike, SafeChoice Original helps make feeding a wide range of horses more convenient - without sacrificing nutrition quality or peace of mind.

  • Manufacturer: Pennfield

A unique formula perfectly suited to sales prepping, maintaining healthy weight, and improving overall bloom and appearance.

  • Contains organic selenium and chelated trace minerals for maximum absorption
  • Utilizes prebiotics and probiotics for enhanced digestion
  • Guaranteed amino acid levels improve muscle maintenance and development
  • A source of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which help improve immunity and hair coat health

  • Manufacturer: Hayhuts LLC

Dimensions -  84" deep x 72" wide x 76" high

Weight -  220 lbs

Material - high density polyethylene for strength and flexibility.

  • Manufacturer: Eagle Valley ABM
  • Super absorbent
  • Good for the environment
  • Requires less upkeep
  • Safe for all animals
  • Budget friendly
  • Is easy to clean

Fibre is vital for the healthy function of your horse or pony's gut and also satisfies their need to chew. It's what they were meant to eat. And, when it comes to essential highly digestible fibre, there's nothing better than Dengie alfalfa. Alfalfa is one of the most natural feeds you can give your horse or pony and provides the same amount of energy as cereal based feeds, but in a slow release form.

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We pride ourselves in stocking the freshest baled products in the region, constantly being replenished by either local farms, or direct from our farm right down the road.

Other than our regular 50lb baled timothy we supply most of our local farms, we also stock compressed bales of orchid grass and 140lb bales of Idaho Alfalfa.

3.25 Compressed Bale
Dust Free
Kiln Dried
Unbeatable Cushion
Consistent Show Quality Shavings
Pleasant Pine Aroma
Easy To Carry
Lab Tested Weekly
Safe For All Animals

*Just $4.99 a bag when picked up at the store. Everyday price!

  • Manufacturer: Southern States

Legends CarbCare Show & Pleasure is a pelleted, fixed ingredient formula specifically designed for mature horses in light to moderate performance, pleasure and show activities. This feed contains 6% fat to provide increased calories for stamina.

  • Manufacturer: Southern States

Legends GastroTech Supplement is a pelleted nutritional supplement, research-proven to significantly improve gastric health in performance horses. This proprietary blend of ingredients is formulated to support healthy digestive tract function in show and performance horses.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Support your horse’s active lifestyle with  Impact® 10% Mature Active Horse Feed. Formulated with premium nutrition which provides the necessary calories and nutrients for mature horses at maintenance through moderate activity. 10% Protein for active horses on high quality forage. Added Beet Pulp provides high quality digestible fiber. Added Fat from vegetable oils for sustainable energy and a shiny hair coat. Vitamin & Mineral Fortification supports bone strength and immune function.

  • Manufacturer: Purina
  • Model Number: 0064814

High-fiber horse feed researched and formulated specifically. Whole Bran can be a great addition to many horses' diets. The fiber in the whole Bran makes it less likely to cause digestive upset than other calorie sources that contain large amounts of starch.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Purina® Hydration Hay™ Original Horse Hay Block is a premium blend of quality grass and alfalfa hay that has been compressed into a convenient, lightweight block. Simply drop the block into a bucket of water and it will quickly expand into about one flake of palatable, moist hay. Recommended for all horses at all life stages.

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  • Manufacturer: Purina

Vitamin & mineral fortification makes nutritionally balanced formula to complement the horse’s total ration. Grain free formula is suitable for horses requiring a soluble carbohydrate restricted diet. Palatable pelleted form helps encourage consistent intake. Recommended for top equine athletes of all ages in all disciplines.

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  • Manufacturer: Purina
  • Model Number: 16:6

16:6 Mare & Foal For maintenance of breeding mares and young growing horses; to be fed with medium to high quality hay or pasture. Contains 16% protein to provide higher levels of amino acids for milk production and foal growth and development. May be fed to nursing foals, weanlings and yearlings. For more information on this and other Impact® products click here.